Invisible String

you deserve to be loved and chosen, elaina avalos

I’d chose you. And keep choosing you. Just say the word. I deserve this too. So I won’t give up until I find it.

AVA, the heavy heavy gravity of you, elaina avalos

Cold was the steel of my axe to grind
For the boys who broke my heart
Now I send their babies presents
Gold was the color of the leaves
When I showed you around Centennial Park
Hell was the journey but it brought me heaven

Time, wondrous time
Gave me the blues and then purple pink skies
And it’s cool, baby, with me
And isn’t it just so pretty to think
All along there was some
Invisible string
Tying you to me?
– Taylor Swift

How Much Light

I’m a huge Ryan Adams fan. I will always say that his music became a soundtrack for some of the happiest days of my life. He’ll be on tour soon. In April, he has a show in Paris. I cannot even stand the thought. That would be a dream come true. While I wish that I had the cash to make a trip like that, it doesn’t look possible. But it sure is a fun thing to imagine.

His writing is some of my favorite. My random musical taste is all over the place. Some of it I love without any deep tie or love of the lyrics. That is not the case with Adams. I love how he writes. As a writer of fiction, his music inspires me and there isn’t a week that goes by without hearing his music somewhere in my week.

“The way back home’s through the wild and the winds
The way back home’s in your arms
All my life I’ve been searching for someone and
I could never get it right
I could never get it right
I’ve never seen so much light

How much light ’til the ocean tips over and it
Crashes on the beach like its blacker than it’s bluer
Underneath the sun in a cloudless sky
How much light

How much sound ’til my name starts breaking
My hearts all done and it’s yours for the taking
All my life I’ve never seen so much light”
Songwriter: Ryan Adams

I Will Wait

I’ve got to have music in my life – on a daily basis – or my world just doesn’t seem right. My taste can be super random and sometimes depends on what I’m writing. One of my novel playlists now has everything from The Avett Brothers to Otis Redding and Eydie Gormé. Yeah. I don’t know either. I’m weird.

But sometimes I fall back on old favs. I Will Wait, from Mumford & Sons, popped up today. It certainly fits the mood.

This also fits the mood:

Maybe some of this…

I’ve got a huge to-do list over the next week, so I’ll have to keep the music going to keep my head in the game. Please tell me I’m not the only random music lover, out there?

Who are some of your random favorites?