Writing a Novel

Last night, I reached my NaNoWriMo goal for November 2020 - by writing 50,000 words on my novel A Thousand Years. I actually wrote 51,486 words in the month of November. It's the first time I've "won" NaNoWriMo though I've participated on and off since 2009. On November 2nd, I wrote this post, wondering if … Continue reading Writing a Novel

It Looks Like This

Yesterday, after dropping off Amelia at a middle school she despises, I pulled over on the side of the road and cried. It felt like hours. But was more like ten minutes. I sometimes don't know how to hold them all up - all six of them. Thomas needs me more than ever. The kids, … Continue reading It Looks Like This


Now more than ever, I feel this in my soul. I don't have time or space in my life for those that are reckless with my heart. Don't be afraid to cut people off for wasting your time & playing fast & loose with your heart.

My Heart is a Liar

My heart is a liar. Sometimes. Sometimes she's just a little confused. I run through every moment. I relive what has been said, what has been left unspoken, and the little things that mean more to me than they probably should. Someday, when I look back on this time in my life, I know it … Continue reading My Heart is a Liar

This Canyon Between Us

Photo by Mark Neal from Pexels Your words can sting. I don't always know why. Today, they stung. More often than not - you are soulful, profound, and you have this way with words that I adore. But today? Your words were harsh. I still don't know why. I've tried to talk myself out of this. I succeed … Continue reading This Canyon Between Us


Tomorrow kicks off National Novel Writing Month! Did you know there was such a thing? Well . . . there is. And for the last 11 years I’ve started and never finished. This is a thing I do. Start. Not finish. 👎🏼 So, if you read here you know that since about August I’ve been … Continue reading NaNOWriMo

I Miss You Today

I miss you today. I miss you often. Some days hit a little different though. Today it's the sound of your voice and how I feel when you look at me - in that way you do - that I'm missing. The way you look at me always knocks me a little off center. Mostly … Continue reading I Miss You Today

The Autumn Light

The weather turned a little corner and so did the light. The golden light of autumn is almost enough to convince me that all is right with the world. It gives me a little hope. When we met, I never dreamed what you would mean to me. Knowing you is like knowing another part of … Continue reading The Autumn Light

Wild Things

“My love for you is strong Lord it brings me to my knees It was born in the wild” - Ryan Adams It is untamed. Wild and unplanned. I wake deep in thought, recalling the mornings in the Redwoods - the air cold and damp. There was nothing around but the untouched forest. Standing there, … Continue reading Wild Things

Dangerous & Noble Things

I'm getting there - these improbable beautiful, dangerous things are resurfacing. It looks like it'll take a bit - with a global pandemic and all. But I can let myself hope again about what lies ahead.  

Take it Easy

  With everything going on in the world today, my emotions have been . . . hmm, how to describe it . . . all over the place. I've come to accept this. On this Tuesday, that looks nothing like I expected of April 2020, I am taking it easy on myself. Even though I'm … Continue reading Take it Easy

Monday Motivation

Happy Monday! This is a slightly different Monday Motivation post. I saw this art work & had to track down the artist. She's a new favorite. You can find her, here or here or, here! It feels good to let these things go. In the new week, let them slide right off of your back. … Continue reading Monday Motivation

Attitude is Everything

I have spent plenty of Mondays in my life wishing it wasn't Monday. I walked into my day unwillingly and negativity followed. It may not have been noticed beyond my own nose, but I felt it on the inside. The negativity bubbled under the surface until I realized that my attitude impacted the course of … Continue reading Attitude is Everything

Tips for Eliminating Foods That May Worsen Behavioral Issues in Kids

If you have a child that struggles with ADHD or other complex diagnoses - particularly if they experienced trauma at any point, it can feel very lonely. Not only is it isolating because people do not understand and lack compassion, but the medical profession sometimes seems to work at cross purposes. I sometimes wonder if … Continue reading Tips for Eliminating Foods That May Worsen Behavioral Issues in Kids

Live well. Be well.

I don't like to wonder about the "what-ifs" in life. I have made it my goal to not reach the end of my days with more regrets piled up, than chances taken. While the road hasn't been straight & I've crashed and burned a few times, I would rather live fully & dream big, then … Continue reading Live well. Be well.

Lacey Mays

When Lacey Mays was five-years old, just days before she started Kindergarten, her father killed himself. If anyone in the county had been asked, they would have said it was only a matter of time that either Bob or Donna Mays would have ended up dead. They fed more than one of each other’s addictions … Continue reading Lacey Mays