You’re a river…

Yesterday, I shared about being stuck. I interviewed for a job in South Carolina last week. I found out today, that I didn’t get it. The thing is, I’ve been trying to work myself into a new career for quite some time. In my current role, what I write and share is becoming more challenging. And I haven’t even gotten to what I really need to write and share. Never mind the fact that I feel the current career is not compatible with the family life I’ve waited and prayed for for so long. And yet, I feel strongly that leaving my current career path – that I can’t seem to move out of – is part of me fulling stepping into my calling in life. Isn’t that weird?

There are other things that I think might fall into place if I change roles, too. I’m stuck in many different ways. It feels a little like torture. I know that the popular thing is to say is that a closed door means something isn’t meant for you. And while I’d agree that maybe that specific job isn’t meant for me – what the overall goal is? No dude. Those closed doors are not indications that I’m barking up the wrong tree with my calling and what I’m meant to do and be.

If you’re in a similar position where your dream continues to be pushed back – or in part anyway – keep pressing. I have had to work through plenty of discouraging barbs today as I think about why I’m still where I’m at. I don’t understand. It’s rough. But I wanted to share a little encouragement, because I sure needed it. I’m sure someone else does, too.

There’s an account I follow on Instagram (@wetheurban). There are often super encouraging tidbits posted each day. But here’s the one that blessed me this afternoon, “Free yourself from worrying your mind about ‘how it was supposed to be’ and try to practice non-attachment. You’re a river, not a rock.”

I hope that someone, somewhere finds that encouraging. I did.