Dreaming About What Comes Next

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The cat is out of the bag. I don’t need to hide it anymore. My employer knows that later this summer, I will begin moving on to the next phase of my life. While I actually wanted to do it sooner, I let some things get in the way and then it seemed to be too challenging to find what I wanted. As such, my plan is to aim for summer with the expectation that the economy will continue to get better and opportunities in the field I’d like to move into, expand. I’m dreaming about what comes next.

But whatever happens, I think I finally feel the freedom and the ability to dream again. I am ready to hope again – about what might be possible in the future. After a couple of painful years, I had to get to know myself again. And while the delay has frustrated me – to the point I have been just freaking angry at God, I think I get it all now. Or at least part of it.

Last summer, I started working toward some things and then let those fizzle. But as I prepare for my 45th birthday, I know what I want. I know the type of life I want, the dream I have, the career I’d like, and yes, even the type of relationship I want. I know what I want. It’s not just that I want these things, I think they’re part of what I should be doing with life now. Not pursuing those things I’m meant to, just isn’t going to work for me any longer.

event planner, event management, wedding planner, coastal carolina events, elaina avalos

The thing is, I’ve got things to do and a lot life to live. This afternoon, as I think about what lies ahead, as I enter my 45th year, I’m thankful I’m ready to dream again. I’m thankful I can hope again. And I know that what’s meant to be mine, will be mine.

Inspiration and Vision Boards

Between my temporary role opening an event venue, past events I’ve planned, recipes, decorating inspiration, novel inspiration, and about a million other things, I adore Pinterest. I use it all of the time and sometimes like a search engine – especially when searching for something related to events or novel writing. I used to do this very thing when I was a kid, using my favorite magazines to collect vision boards and design inspiration. I only have one scrapbook of images left. If you can believe this – it’s from Victoria Magazine and is largely event, entertaining, and wedding inspiration. Now instead of magazines, I use Pinterest for my inspiration and vision boards.

Do you use Pinterest? I’d love to follow you there. Share a link to your profile (or follow me and I will follow back).

Vision Boards: Designing Your Dream

event planner, event management, wedding planner, coastal carolina events, elaina avalos, oprah winfrey

I’m a dreamer. I always have been. I have seen a vision & picture of what I wanted for my life for a long time.

I didn’t write it down. And I guess I never saw this vision as a goal. That’s kind of weird from my current vantage point, at 44. Isn’t that weird? Maybe I thought it was too much? Or I wasn’t enough? I don’t know, ya’ll.

I even started writing a novel {I write opening scenes when I have an idea – so I don’t lose it.} that looked an awful lot like this dream. It’s in my file of “to be written” novels & short stories.

But, in recent weeks and months, I’ve been formulating my vision in a more formal way. Because I’m a visual, creative person – Pinterest is where the ideas start. While I’ve had Pinterest boards living previously as “secret” for a while – to serve as inspiration, now I’m writing these dreams down, not keeping secrets, and speaking the dream aloud.

While I’m not spelling out all of the details here, I did want to share my process with you if you haven’t named the dream, written out the goals, or created a vision board for yourself.

So what is this big dream & goal? I am going to start my own event management company. My long term dream is a Bed & Breakfast or very small inn that meets up with my event management abilities.

event planner, event management, wedding planner, coastal carolina events, elaina avalos

My order & process:

  1. As a visual person, I used Pinterest as my first “vision board.” Initially, it was just part of my overall event inspiration. As someone who has planned events for more than a decade, I used these to help inspire much less expensive visions since my budget was always small. But as the inspiration grew and I saw how much joy & energy I gain from the planning & designing of events, I knew I was on to something.
  2. Once I was in the midst of this industry, running {for a very short time} an event venue and preparing to open the venue, I knew I’d found it for sure. When I walked away from that, as hard as it was, I knew I wanted to go into business for myself. I started dreaming of this business – what it would look like – and if it really melded with the big, big long term goal. It totally did. In a way I hadn’t thought about before.
  3. I created an actual vision board on Pinterest while printing photos to create a physical vision board that will be hung on a high-traffic wall in my apartment.
  4. I signed up for free small business classes at my local community college. Due to COVID, these will be online this summer. If in-class sessions are available for their full course this fall, I’ll take those.
  5. I started reading about starting a business, thinking about how to incorporate a small business into my current full time work schedule, and brainstorming business names {I suck at naming things}. The other thing I’ve spent time working through is how my health & physical wellness must be stronger to get this done {and what that means}. Ultimately, my entire wellness journey is based in this dream {and in the other – to be a mom}.
  6. Once I came up with a name {I think it’s the right name?}, I reserved social media accounts and a website url – though the actual business details aren’t ready for launching yet.

In the coming weeks, I’ll be putting more complete “to-do” lists together as I plot and plan out what the road ahead looks like.

There’s so much out there for people who are planning to start their own business. If I find value in what I read and what helps me plan, I’ll share. In the meantime, if you’re thinking about it – all of the time – and dreaming about it – all of the time, maybe now is the time to start working on your plan?

What is a big dream or goal of yours that you have let circumstances, fear, money, {or anything else for that matter}, get in the way of accomplishing? Let this be a sign for you, as I’ve needed many of them, to start moving in that direction.

If I can do this, you can too.

Live well,