Chasing Goals

I started writing my new novel on October 31st – writing over my daily goal. Yesterday, I wrote until I had surpassed my writing goal by a bit – for a total of 5,952 words so far.

I will be posting my daily word count on my NaNoWriMo profile ( I won’t update here until I hit major goals. But I wanted to share if you’re still trying to decide whether to start . . .

This is your sign – start writing. I’m chasing goals. And on this chilly Monday, I wanted to encourage you to chase some of your own – especially if you’re a writer.


Tomorrow kicks off National Novel Writing Month! Did you know there was such a thing? Well . . . there is. And for the last 11 years I’ve started and never finished. This is a thing I do. Start. Not finish. 👎🏼

So, if you read here you know that since about August I’ve been posting flash fiction & a prologue that’s part of a new novel I’m working on. It’s actually a series. In the month of November, I’m sure there will be a million distractions – thanks to the job that pays the bills – but I’m going to write every dang day. I may not hit my word count goal by November 30th, but I’m sure going to try.

If you’re a fellow writer, are you doing NaNOWriMo this year? And if so, find me there and add me as a buddy. I could use a kick in the pants when I slow down and would love to be spurred on by others working toward the same goal.

You can find me, here:

Good luck to my fellow writers!