Till There’s Nothing Left

“I wanna know what it feels like/To disappear into you and/Never have to say goodbye…”

This is a song I hadn’t heard before until I started listening to a “Country Kind of Love” playlist on Spotify. It’s kind of addictive. I’ve listened to it about a million times the last couple of days. I thought I’d never heard of the singer before, but found another song of hers, Burning House, on YouTube. I do remember that song (from 2015). She’s good. It’s sad that I had no idea who she was and hadn’t heard this song before. Country radio is really crappy, to be honest.

But I digress. Some songs just stick with me and this is one of those. My muse is . . . I miss him. He’s a him, right now. Maybe always will be. But songs like this, help. I have the itch to write today.

Till there’s nothing left by Songwriters: Hillary Lindsey / Jeffrey Bhasker / Cam Ochs / Tyler Sam Johnson

If you’re the one she lets in…

“Kiss her with passion
As much as you can
Run your hands through her hair
Whenever she’s sad
And when she doesn’t notice
How pretty she is
Tell her over and over
So she never forgets

Take it
If she gives you her heart
Don’t you break it
Let your arms be a place
She feels safe in
She’s the best thing that you’ll ever have”

Written by: Meghan Trainor / Steven Solomon / Forest Blakk

Favorite Tunes This Week

One of my great loves in life is music. Have I mentioned this? This may not be new music – but it’s speaking to my soul this week.

Sweetest Thing by Allman Brown

We’ll Make it Through by Ray LaMontagne (he has one of my favorite voices ever). He’s incredible.

Build Me Up From Bones by Sarah Jarosz
Honestly, this song could be on repeat every week & I’d never tire of it.

Hearts Don’t Break Around Here by Ed Sheeran

My Love For You is Real by Ryan Adams
I’m also, always in the mood for Ryan Adams. I adore his music. This song is my favorite of his. And I love most of his music – to include his Taylor Swift covers.
“It was born in the wild.”

When I Get My Hands On You by Marcus Mumford & Chris Thile – Do you remember what band Chris Thile is from? Oh dear, I so loved them. My roommate in Vienna, VA (Carrie) and I adored this group and were a little bit in love with Thile.

Record Year by the great Eric Church

Chasin’ You by Morgan Wallen

What’s on repeat on your playlist this week?