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Draw the Circle

Love & prayer. These are two words ever so close to my heart. There are two "men" who are always on my heart. I pray for them constantly throughout my day because it's all I've got. I'm praying for one I love because I know no other way to love him. I pray every day… Continue reading Draw the Circle


Things I Would Like To Do . . .

Where are you, Baby? Still somewhere choosing your words carefully, I presume? There's a hole here in this big house. It feels even bigger than normal. There are things I'd like to do with you. I'd like to cook an extravagant dinner with you, music playing, and candles burning. I'd like to argue debate pointless &… Continue reading Things I Would Like To Do . . .

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Babies & White Picket Fences

  One day you wake up and you're no longer young. I mean young, young. As a woman, you near a certain point where you begin to be more and more certain that you will not give birth to a child. Some women go through adulthood with that desire a distant thought or a "Eh. I… Continue reading Babies & White Picket Fences

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A Love Story in Progress

Brushing a girl's hair behind her ear once a day will solve more problems than all those therapists and drugs. - Atticus I'm writing a love story. I thought I was stuck. Last weekend, I thought I'd never get past this mess of my own heart. The pieces still broken - fearing hope. But the… Continue reading A Love Story in Progress

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Huge Sale!

My novel, Chasing Hope, is on sale! The Kindle version is 80% off and the paperback version is 50% off! The sale is for a limited time only. Find the book, here. You can read what some of my readers have said here, here, or here. To read excerpts, go here, here & here.    … Continue reading Huge Sale!