“I Would Rather Sit and Talk to You”

If I owned the finest vineyard
I would rather sit and drink cheap wine with you
If I could live on the moon
I would rather stay in Tennessee with you
If I could sail across the ocean
The ocean would just be blue without you
If I could climb up Mount Everest
I would turn around and climb in bed with you
With you I can be myself
With you I don’t have to be somebody else
It’s like puttin’ on my favorite pair of shoes
If I could be like Albert Einstein
I’d rather just be dumb and be with you
If I could sing like Frank Sinatra
I would rather sit and talk to you
– Song by: Barry Jenkins / Hampton Andrew Jr Holcomb

No Hard Feelings

Doesn’t fit perfectly – but it works for me. There’s no hard feelings.

“I took a little time, tequila and therapy
And threw it in a blender with ice
I was more messed up than I cared to be
Spent a whole lot of lonely nights
I was mad at myself, pissed at the world
It was hard to get up, but I put one foot
In front of the other, kept on keepin’ on
Going through the motions until
There was no hard feelings
And no bad vibes”
No Hard Feelings – by Old Dominion