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More from Beaufort North Carolina!

I recently started a series about Beaufort, NC. You can catch up on the first couple of posts here & here. I haven't written in a couple of weeks because I have quite literally spent nearly all of my free time working on an update to my book,Β Chasing Hope. I switched the way my bookΒ will… Continue reading More from Beaufort North Carolina!


Good Wine & Great Chow

My first event at the Beaufort Wine & Food Weekend was awesome -- the Wine, Bread & Cheese seminar. The second, "The Truck Stops Here"? Not great. The majority of the food was fried which is a total non-starter when you can't eat gluten. There were simply not enough "food trucks" providing food to make… Continue reading Good Wine & Great Chow

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Honey Lemon Chicken with Pasta {Gluten Free of Course}

Listening to: No music for me tonight. Fixer Upper was my soundtrack. Drinking: La Vieille Ferme Luberon Blanc 2014 It's been a crazy few weeks, dudes. My house still isn't in order even though I moved two months ago. I'm not a huge fan of the set-up of the living room or kitchen so I'm… Continue reading Honey Lemon Chicken with Pasta {Gluten Free of Course}

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Adventures in Cooking

Fried Green Delish

I know! It has been awhile. Shortly after my last post, I made a scrumptious Easter dinner. Of which I intended to post about. But it started what ultimately turned into several weeks of being sick and/or having no appetite. Horrible, no? Anywho. I've taken photos of a few other recipes but I thought I'd… Continue reading Fried Green Delish