As I lay here writing this at 3:53 AM, having yet to sleep, I thought I’d share this podcast. Although apparently I didn’t pay attention as well as I thought. Anxiety is and has been near for much of the last year. But settled in – during the days my home was damaged and I feared for my safety, at the tail end of my foster care days. The thing about anxiety or worry is that neither is productive. They get you absolutely nowhere. I think most of us know this. And yet, logic doesn’t always win out, does it? One thing I know for sure – calling it out – identifying the anxiety – as a first step – is the foundation for finding my way through. What comes after, probably depends on what’s going on around me, but inevitably I have to take time to slow everything down, if I’m going to work my way through successfully. I feel like too often we keep pushing through at our normal crazy pace thinking we can somehow outrun it. There’s really no way out, except going through. Days like today are reminders to myself – slow it down – my breathing, my thought-life, and hopefully, my responses too. How do you manage anxiety or worry?

Dealing with Anxiety

anxiety, panic attacks

I highly recommend this podcast “Unwinding Anxiety. Breaking the Habit of Worry and Fear,” if you’re a person that is dealing with anxiety, panic attacks, or fear/worry. It’s super interesting and helpful.

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