The Autumn Light

The weather turned a little corner and so did the light. The golden light of autumn is almost enough to convince me that all is right with the world. It gives me a little hope. When we met, I never dreamed what you would mean to me. Knowing you is like knowing another part of … Continue reading The Autumn Light

Wild Things

“My love for you is strong Lord it brings me to my knees It was born in the wild” - Ryan Adams It is untamed. Wild and unplanned. I wake deep in thought, recalling the mornings in the Redwoods - the air cold and damp. There was nothing around but the untouched forest. Standing there, … Continue reading Wild Things

Dangerous & Noble Things

I'm getting there - these improbable beautiful, dangerous things are resurfacing. It looks like it'll take a bit - with a global pandemic and all. But I can let myself hope again about what lies ahead.  

Take it Easy

  With everything going on in the world today, my emotions have been . . . hmm, how to describe it . . . all over the place. I've come to accept this. On this Tuesday, that looks nothing like I expected of April 2020, I am taking it easy on myself. Even though I'm … Continue reading Take it Easy