Monday Motivation

Happy Monday! This is a slightly different Monday Motivation post. I saw this art work & had to track down the artist. She's a new favorite. You can find her, here or here or, here! It feels good to let these things go. In the new week, let them slide right off of your back. … Continue reading Monday Motivation

Attitude is Everything

I have spent plenty of Mondays in my life wishing it wasn't Monday. I walked into my day unwillingly and negativity followed. It may not have been noticed beyond my own nose, but I felt it on the inside. The negativity bubbled under the surface until I realized that my attitude impacted the course of … Continue reading Attitude is Everything

Tips for Eliminating Foods That May Worsen Behavioral Issues in Kids

If you have a child that struggles with ADHD or other complex diagnoses - particularly if they experienced trauma at any point, it can feel very lonely. Not only is it isolating because people do not understand and lack compassion, but the medical profession sometimes seems to work at cross purposes. I sometimes wonder if … Continue reading Tips for Eliminating Foods That May Worsen Behavioral Issues in Kids

Live well. Be well.

I don't like to wonder about the "what-ifs" in life. I have made it my goal to not reach the end of my days with more regrets piled up, than chances taken. While the road hasn't been straight & I've crashed and burned a few times, I would rather live fully & dream big, then … Continue reading Live well. Be well.