Searching for safetyIt escaped me for so long.I found you -You aren't safe.But you were my safetyIn a storm I didn't know I'd walk into.In another storm, I longto be yours.

Happy Easter

This morning, I’m overwhelmed with God’s mercy & grace. Friend - His mercy and grace are waiting for you. He’s waiting for you & He will lavish unmerited, crazy, wild grace on you."I thought I deservedTo be six feet beneath the earthFor all the things I've done and the things I've saidThe choices made that … Continue reading Happy Easter

Abby the Wonder Dog

I have a dog. Her name is Abby. But I call her by many other names. See - I have this problem. It involves nicknames. I usually end up with about a bazaillion nicknames for kids and animals. Abby has a boatload. She is Booty Boo, Boo-Boo Bear, Boo-Boo, Abigail Ann, Abster, Busy Body, Ab, … Continue reading Abby the Wonder Dog


The day I met you, your skepticism was a challenge. I knew instantly that I had work to do, to win you over. I adore the skeptic in you. Even when it drives me crazy.For all the days that have passed since, I have fought back Against the feeling that I'm home, when I'm in … Continue reading Home