Elaina Avalos

Elaina Avalos, Infinite Delight Photography, http://infinitedelightphotography.pass.us/elaina-avalos-session-2017

Elaina Avalos was born in Orange, California, a city with small-town charm in the midst of busy Southern California. Though she grew up in the city, she always knew she was a country girl at heart. Elaina began telling stories as a young child and became a voracious reader early. Libraries were filled with treasure and she wove stories before she could write them. Raised in Southern California, the East Coast has been her home for most of the last seventeen years. The majority of those years have been spent in coastal North Carolina.

Though her vocation is working with military families, writing is one of her greatest passions. She published her first novel, Chasing Hope, in June of 2017. Though her life has taken her to the Washington, D.C. area, the desert of California, and North Carolina, it is the coast of NC, with its loblolly pines and brackish water that has won her heart and is so heavily featured in her writing.

Random things about Elaina: She is rather fond of Don Henley, pine trees, and sentence fragments. She loves her dog, cooking, Jesus, and wine. But not necessarily in that order.

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