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The Kid’s Room

From an Instagram post last night: The door to the "kid's room" has been closed quite a bit. I've been trying to keep Abby from adopting another bed as her own. This week has been a long week. I haven't been feeling well for days. By the time I got through Thursday evening's first walk-through… Continue reading The Kid’s Room

Dreams, Foster Care Adventures

Foster Care Adventures – Part Two

October 2015, a little guy hung around at work, for a week or so. On Wednesday of that week, he "helped" me work. He sat on my lap, we hung out with friends, and then he played with my calculator & drew with my pens. He feel asleep there at my desk, in my arms,… Continue reading Foster Care Adventures – Part Two

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Dreams, Foster Care Adventures

Hear My Prayer

I spent some time on Sunday reading the profiles of waiting children. These are the kids who are waiting to be adopted - their parent's rights, now terminated. Through thirteen pages of results, I was struck at not only how simple their hopes and requests were, but by the handful of children who do not… Continue reading Hear My Prayer

Dreams, Foster Care Adventures

All She Wants to do is Dance

If it weren't for Don Henley, my "about me" on social media and my blog would be less nerdy. He is always there, front and center, along with Jesus, my dog, pine trees, and wine (and occasionally tequila). I had a come to Jesus moment early this year when I realized that I was turning 40 with… Continue reading All She Wants to do is Dance

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Dreams, Foster Care Adventures

Foster Care Adventures – Week 1

My first foster care class is Monday night. This has been a long time coming. Maybe more than thirty years as I've dreamed of this very thing since I was a kid. There truly is nothing I've wanted more in my life than to have a family. Beyond wanting a family, I have always known… Continue reading Foster Care Adventures – Week 1