She Walked Alone

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Recently, I came across a writer’s Facebook post. She’d shared (here) a post from a professor who wanted students to come up with a six word bio to describe themselves. The professor went first. The bio was, “That beautiful stranger loved me once.” So intriguing. If that was a tag line for a novel, I’d probably buy it.

But I’ve wondered what my six word bio would be. I’ve come up with a few – like the one above. I love with my whole heart. That has always been true. It will always be true.

I had another one that I almost went with. It was, “She walked alone, it’s grown old.” But then I thought maybe that was a little depressing. Depressing but true, so here I am sharing. As modern women, I’m pretty sure we’re supposed to reflect something different – something less emotional and more bullet proof. Right? We’re supposed to live our lives not needing a man for anything. Isn’t that the message?

It’s a whole lot of BS. The truth is, I’ve been alone for long enough. I don’t need to pretend. It’s not a weakness to need community, companionship, love, affection, and to live your life with someone else. I haven’t once and will not ever wait around to pursue what I want. My weekend was characterized by rest, trying to work myself back into an exercise routine, writing, a little cleaning, and today – I cooked all afternoon (which I love to do). In other words, I do my thing and I refuse to be miserable because life isn’t exactly what I envisioned.

It’s not as though I don’t make the most of each moment. I’m working so very hard on that very thing. I wasted too much time in the past. Nonetheless, it has still grown far too old – walking this path alone. I will forever live in each moment, wherever it takes me. I’d just like to do it alongside my best friend and partner. Tell me I’m not the only one. So yeah, I love with my whole heart and walking alone has grown old. Granted, the heartache and alone-ness gave me some good writing fodder. But I have a great imagination so I’d be good with less of that now. 🙂

I’m looking forward to the next adventure (that I hope is around the corner). I hope I’ll be on that adventure with my true companion.

What would your six-word bio be?

Rambling When You’re Exhausted

I wrote last night’s post as the Benadryl I’d taken had set in. I really should’ve been in bed. Instead, I rambled on without even explaining why I posted about Desmond & Penny in the first place.

I belong to a few LOST-themed Facebook groups (yes, I am that much of a nerd about the show). All day, people in the group posted about Desmond and Penny – because it was Christmas Eve. The Constant is one of the most popular episode of the show’s six seasons. Its significance to the storyline can’t be overstated. So naturally it came up as people, some of whom in the midst of re-watches of the show, remembered what a big deal December 24, 2004 was.

That’s why I wrote my random ramblings last night. I hope someday I write something that random people across the world will remember at odd moments or on specific days & nights when a snippet of dialogue or the story pops into their mind. Though I’ve yet to experience that kind of love, there’s always the hope I’ll find that too (along with publishing oodles of novels before I die).

Tomorrow, I hope to read a novel I’ve ready every year for decades. It’s a Christmas week tradition. It’s called “The Following of the Star.” It’s a very old novel about a wealthy single woman and the missionary that comes to preach at her countryside church. While it takes place over time, it is centered around Christmas. The book is divided in three sections – gold, Frankincense and Myrrh. It’s quite old fashioned and a little sexist. But, it’s still a favorite. The copy I used to read – my Mom’s has been worn a little. So I know have it on my Kindle (it’s free by the way). Which brings us back to what I was saying about LOST and our favorite books and movies. This tradition has stuck with me because the words of the book are so beautiful to me – just as the scene from The Constant has for so many years. What a gift story is.

I hope you’ve had a lovely Christmas or Hanukkah.

Who Am I?


I am a writer. Love sentence fragments, cooking, and taking care of the people I love. I’m oddly fond of Don Henley & pine trees. I love Jesus. Wine. My dog. But not necessarily in that order.

And I’m a girl with messy hair and a thirsty heart.