Not in this Lifetime

I silently awaitthe dayyour memorydoesn't hauntmy thoughtsin any format all. But this longing,it is immortal. I don't thinkyou'll everleave my mind. Not in this lifetime. Written by: Samira Vivette Indeed.

Secret Whispered

You saidyou were the bestat keepingsecrets.That no onecould keep onelike you.In that exact instantall I wantedto bewas a silentsecretwhispered slowlyinto your ear.- Tyler Knott Gregson


Here's a little of my life in soundtracks... I've been an avid Spotify person for a long time. I would lose every TV streaming service I have, before giving up Spotify Premium - including anything with Hallmark TV (I KNOW!!!). But it's true, it's the only thing I'd pay for if I had to choose … Continue reading Soundtracks