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Rejecting Pinterest Perfect

My son's 7th birthday was last weekend. I am a first time mom at 42. My life is filled with firsts these days. He has been with me for a handful of months. He may be with me forever. I don't know what his life held before he entered mine - except in small bits… Continue reading Rejecting Pinterest Perfect

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Healthy Attachment

My son's last day of school was more than a week ago. On the 7th, I was there for his end of year awards, which I shared about, here. The following day, I left work to pick him up at 3:30. When I arrived in the parking lot of the school, I realized there was… Continue reading Healthy Attachment

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Chasing Dreams – Book Anniversary

One year ago today, my novel was published. It was a long time coming. I started writing this book so long ago. Like all of us, as we grow and change over the years, it changed too. But it was always about family, adoption, and love. To celebrate the anniversary of finally chasing my dreams… Continue reading Chasing Dreams – Book Anniversary

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First Grade – Kiddo Update

Today was my kiddo's first grade awards & end of year party. He has been so excited about it all week. Yes, he asks about the last day of school. But he also asked how many days until the 7th. He came to my bedroom door at 6:15 this morning, knocking loudly. I thought something… Continue reading First Grade – Kiddo Update

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Trauma Mama

I haven't provided much in the way of foster care updates on the blog. I've been trying to figure out the balance between privacy and what I want so badly to write about (because that's what writers do). I have a private Facebook group of family and some friends. In that group I share some… Continue reading Trauma Mama

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Hold Fast to Your Dreams

A year ago today, I posted this photo on Instagram & Facebook. I had finally finished editing my novel, Chasing Hope. This novel, set in beautiful Beaufort, NC, had taken me far too long to write. Over the years, as I grew and changed, the novel did too. In many ways I'm thankful for that.… Continue reading Hold Fast to Your Dreams

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There are some days and nights when I'm not sure if I'll ever get over you. This seems a little dramatic, no? You can't make this $%^&, up, right? The months that have passed leave me with more questions than answers and resolutions. This can't be the end. If it is, this is the biggest… Continue reading Waves