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Draw the Circle

Love & prayer. These are two words ever so close to my heart. There are two "men" who are always on my heart. I pray for them constantly throughout my day because it's all I've got. I'm praying for one I love because I know no other way to love him. I pray every day… Continue reading Draw the Circle

This is Foster Care

Life with a Six Year Old Boy

My foster son is so very smart. He's also a six-year old boy. Which means he says and does gross things and he almost never stops moving. Luckily, I have a high tolerance for sometimes gross boy behavior (see working with a couple hundred Marines every day for 8 years). He also has a lot… Continue reading Life with a Six Year Old Boy


Things I Would Like To Do . . .

Where are you, Baby? Still somewhere choosing your words carefully, I presume? There's a hole here in this big house. It feels even bigger than normal. There are things I'd like to do with you. I'd like to cook an extravagant dinner with you, music playing, and candles burning. I'd like to argue debate pointless &… Continue reading Things I Would Like To Do . . .