Dreams, This is Foster Care

Bedrooms & Nesting

Pregnant women nest. It's a thing. But so do hopeful & waiting foster/adoptive moms. I have been. My 42nd birthday is just two months away. There were a few moments in recent years when I wondered if I would ever become a mom. That is a kind of pain that is hard for me to… Continue reading Bedrooms & Nesting

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A Love Story in Progress

Brushing a girl's hair behind her ear once a day will solve more problems than all those therapists and drugs. - Atticus I'm writing a love story. I thought I was stuck. Last weekend, I thought I'd never get past this mess of my own heart. The pieces still broken - fearing hope. But the… Continue reading A Love Story in Progress

Dreams, This is Foster Care

To My Future Foster Child

Little One, Even though we haven't met, I've been preparing to meet you for a very long time. I know this is scary - to walk into or be carried into a stranger's home. But I want you to know that this is your home too, for however long you need it. Though our paths… Continue reading To My Future Foster Child

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Huge Sale!

My novel, Chasing Hope, is on sale! The Kindle version is 80% off and the paperback version is 50% off! The sale is for a limited time only. Find the book, here. You can read what some of my readers have said here, here, or here. To read excerpts, go here, here & here.    … Continue reading Huge Sale!