Open Book

My heart is open like a well read book.
I don’t hide how I feel. It doesn’t take
Much effort to know what lies within.
The words and care, the love – they spill
Onto the page and into the air, to you





Without reservation.

Until now.

Like an old book’s spine, cracked

And worn, it came natural to me.

But in the openness, my heart got lost.
There’s no one to protect me, but me.
I don’t want the hurt that comes from
Loving and caring so openly. Not now.
Not anymore. I’ve risked too much.

The confusion surrounds me now and unfairly
You’ve expected my heart to crack too far open
Without understanding, clarity, or reason to hope.
I think you once said something like, I thought we had more trust between us than that. Indeed.

My heart, like an open book
Has become delicate and worn.
The pages are coming loose now, as the spine cracks.
It needs protecting now.
There’s no one to protect it, but me.

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