My dad is at peace. Today, before I had to make some very hard decisions, my dad slipped from this earth and was reunited in heaven, with my sweet brother. My dad told me when last year’s football season had started, that he couldn’t watch NFL games without my brother. That hurt my heart. I’m sure they’re watching football now – making up for lost time.

My dad is carrying me in the photo above (that’s my mom in the dress). White sandals, in case you’re wondering, were my trademark. 🙂 I wore them all the time. Anyway, my dad had been in a great deal of pain physically. But I don’t think that compared to the sorrow of losing my brother. I know that he was ready to go. And I know that he is the most at peace he has ever been. And for that I am grateful.

If there’s one thing this year has taught me, it’s so tell the ones you love & care for, how you feel. Say the words. Don’t let another second go by without making that clear.

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