Twin Flame

I started a short story last weekend about meeting your “Twin Flame.” The story is terrible. It’s terrible because I tried to rush through it. I also started it in the wrong place. I have a tendency to do that. It needed to start with the moment the couple met, versus backstory.

I am going to try and tackle it again this coming weekend. It may show up in a novel someday. The concept of a twin flame is one that I used to believe had a negative connotation. I had this belief because I read articles that were coming at this soul connection from an unhealthy perspective. In other words, the writers were describing unhealthy relationships that were intense and passionate – confusing the intensity and passion with a twin flame connection.

The twin flame is different than a soul mate. While intense, it shouldn’t be confused with unhealthy patterns. Twin flames are often said to be one soul – in two bodies. The couple in this situation has an instant attraction that goes beyond the physical/infatuation in the early stages of a relationship. They instantly feel connected and at home with each other. Their compatibility is on a soul level. When described, a common phrase or theme in writing is that their souls sort of instantly recognize each other, feel at home with each other, and may feel whole for the first time. It’s not that another person makes them whole, but rather they are so deeply connected to that other person, they’re the best most whole version of themselves. It’s also the most unique relationship they’ve had – with each person helping the other become their best selves.

Another common characteristic is that they will eventually part ways – sometimes permanently. Those that reunite, do so stronger than they were before. You only have one twin flame. While you may be able to experience a soul mate level love with more than one person, twin flames are a once-in-a-lifetime kind of love.

The short story I started writing was about this once-in-a-lifetime love – with the soul that mirrors your own. As I mentioned, I think it’s possible that it could be an entire book. Writing a short story and developing the characters and plot a bit is helpful to me. I thought the novel I started three years ago (A Thousand Years) was a twin flame kind of novel. But it’s looking very different these days and is more about family ties versus romantic relationships. I think I’m in a better stage of life to write that twin flame story now though.

I will see what I come up with this weekend. I might share the story here (if it doesn’t suck then as bad as it sucks now). 🙂

Have you met your twin flame? If so, how did you know they were that one soul that was another part of yourself?

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