Right Here in the Waiting

MHN, Morgan Harper Nichols, right here in the waiting, elaina avalos

There is a life
to be lived
right here in the
Morgan Harper Nichols

Morgan Harper Nichols is one of my favorite artists. You can see her artwork at the link above (or on her social media accounts). I haven’t shared a “Monday Motivation” post in a bit. This one is a little different than others I’ve shared. Mostly because it usually feels like there’s not much life to be lived when we’re in a holding pattern. When our plans are stalled, when we know we’re waiting, it can be demoralizing. When we want to act and do – when we want to move forward, but we’re held in place – it sucks.

But there is wisdom in what Morgan Harper Nichols writes here. While we may be waiting for that thing – whatever it is – it doesn’t mean that life isn’t beautiful in the midst of the waiting. It doesn’t mean that there isn’t opportunity where we are to live fully in each moment, though we know there’s something great out there we still hope for.

“Right here in the waiting” we have every opportunity to take advantage of each moment as it comes. While slightly off topic, I think my current living situation is a good example. I have a townhouse that isn’t what I’d like to live in long term. It’s small in the areas I most need space (like the kitchen). It doesn’t have a fenced yard – which I’d love to have for my dog. I could go on, but you get my point.

But what it does have, is quiet, a wooded view, and it’s a roof over my head. I am enjoying my home as best I can now. I’m going to decorate, settle in, and function as if I will be here forever because my home is my sanctuary. While I wait for what I really want, I’ll make the most of the here and now.

Don’t lose time (you can never get back) because you’re so focused on what isn’t.