Not Ready to be Home

A beautiful day in the neighborhood.

My mom & I returned from California about a week ago. I pulled into my driveway about midnight last Monday. I wasn’t prepared to return. I didn’t want to return. I went back to work on Wednesday and by the afternoon, I had a fever and joint/muscle aches. I’ve been down for the count ever since.

Our bodies are funny. My body was obviously trying to tell me it had, had enough. The last few weeks have been terribly stressful and difficult – mixed in with the grief. There’s not a whole lot I know right now. But I know that the lifestyle changes I’ve wanted for so long are absolute necessities now. Being sick this week just drives that point home even more clearly than before.

I don’t know what the future holds for me. I am praying about that though. I have two more days at home before heading back to work on Tuesday. I will continue to rest as my body has demanded. I hope that in the coming weeks I’ll get into a better writing routine and updating here, as well.

Even though I’m sick, it was hard to ignore the beautiful skies today, while walking the dog.

All around, I’m not ready to be home – though I’ve been here for nearly a week. But I am ready to be feeling better and gaining clarity about what the future holds for me. In my gut I think I know the answer. I hope I have the patience to pull it off.

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