Free Fall

Anyone know who took this photo or the background on it? Haven’t had any luck tracking it down.

Sometimes, you just gotta take the leap – even when it doesn’t pay off. What if it had? What if the result of taking that risk meant you stumbled your way into all that you’ve been waiting for? I’m a risk-taker. I’ll jump out of the proverbial airplane and say the thing – or do the thing – first. Sometimes it pays off, like when you make a life for yourself, thousands of miles from home. But, sometimes? I crash & burn.

The last few years have led me to question literally every decision I make. I have never been so uncertain of anything. When my words blew up in my face earlier this year and I felt the sting of rejection and silence, the questioning grew louder. But I don’t and won’t live with regret.

I’m ready . . . again. We’re mere minutes away from the last day of 2021. I won’t make bold predictions or resolutions for 2022. But I will leave the rejection, pain, and losses, behind. I’m not dragging them with me. They’re too heavy to free fall with.

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