Giving Up

I have a hard time letting go and giving up. I’ve said before that I think it’s a good quality in many ways. But sometimes a girl (me) hangs on too long. It’s time to let go of A Thousand Years. I’ve tried so hard to make it work. And I just can’t. At this point, it’s holding me back. I’m not 100% sure which novel will take its place. To be honest, it’s a bummer. But it’s time for it to go.

Giving up doesn’t come naturally to me. It has taken far too long to come to this conclusion, about this book, for that reason. It’s a novel that I’ve probably written 80,000+ words too since 2020. But I’ve given up. And now that I have, I’m not sure what needs to take its place. As a writer, one of the hardest things to witness, when it comes to your writing, is to watch words you’ve worked so hard to write, sink.

Someday, the heart behind the story will live on somewhere.

6 thoughts on “Giving Up

  1. Giving up is difficult to be sure especially when it comes to something you’ve put so much of your heart and time in. But if you feel that it’s for the best, that’s the best decision for you. I wish you luck in all your future writing endeavors!

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  2. Sounds like another version of writer’s block to me. I’d suggest that you NOT let it go per se, but instead revise it with zero expectations (or even better, write the worst that you can as long as you complete it).

    Reach a sort of ‘finish line’, so to speak, so that you at least have a finished product instead of an abandoned one. Wishing you all the best!

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    1. It’s not really about writer’s block. And I’ve been revising it for quite some time. It was officially completed last November. I’ve been working on edits ever since. I don’t think I can save it. Thank you for the well wishes!


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