Me Before You

elaina avalos, me before you, elaina m. avalos

Each day passes. Today
Like yesterday and all
The days before. Since
I saw you last, nothing
And everything has changed.
Me before you – I can’t go
Back and I can’t have
You. The words have
Flown through me as
Never before. You’re the
Only one that does this
To me. You were never
Mine & never will be. But
Me before you – I don’t care
To go back. I miss you
Every day. But I don’t want
To go back to a world
Where you didn’t cross
Through mine.

By Elaina M. Avalos

A NaNoWriMo Update

a thousand years, elaina avalos, elaina m. avalos,

November 1st was the kick-off of National Novel Writing Month! Here’s a NaNoWriMo update. I dropped off the writing/editing last week for a few days. But I picked back up tonight and edited and/or wrote, 5,515 words. I decided at the last minute to re-write and edit, A Thousand Years.

I’ve written some new content, switched up where the novel starts – and therefore where my protagonist met her love, Graham Ford. I feel much better about where the whole thing is going. With the slow down earlier this week, I’ve only got about 6,000 words written/edited in the last seven days. But if I sustain my daily word count goal for the remainder of the month, I should finish a couple days early (pats self on back).

There’s still some stuff I’m unsure about, but I’m hoping that with the switch-up I’ve started working on, that will work itself out too. Are your participating? Hoes’ the writing (or editing), going?