Cheers, Kelly.

Today, someone I’ve known in my professional community for more years than I can count (almost 2 decades), was laid to rest. She was young – just 58. Things you’d know if you talked to Kelly for five seconds – she adored her family, Michigan football, and a good time. The thing that struck me this evening at her memorial service, were her comments from her daughter and husband. There were plenty of laughs throughout. Because if you knew Kelly – you knew she was all about having a good time. But their love for her was something else. It’s not surprising, because you can’t help but know how much she adored them. She talked about them constantly. When her husband spoke – I lost it a little. I thought I might ugly cry, to be honest. I’ve never met him, like some of my “colleagues.” But I felt like I knew him because I’d heard so many stories over the years. His love for his wife was a beautiful thing to hear expressed. More than anything, he expressed regret for all the times he didn’t listen because now he can’t hear her talk at all. After almost 40 years of marriage- can you imagine his grief? When he said that, I wasn’t the only one who lost it. The thing about Kelly is that she loved her family with all she had. And she loved the people they brought to her door, too. That’s the kind of life I strive for. Listening tonight all I could think about was how blessed you are if you have that. And when and if you have it – don’t let it go. I don’t have it (yet). But I can tell you now, I’m determined to find it. I’m sad I’ll never hear her laugh in one of my trainings or hear her pop off with some hilarious comment. And I’m sad that one of the people, in our sometimes challenging culture (in my industry), that was always herself – 100% of the time, is gone.

Cheers, Kelly. Thank you for all you have done and all you’ve taught me.

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