Distractions. So many distractions.

“If we want to fully enjoy all the good things in life, we need to notice them.” – Dr. Laurie Santos. Here’s a great podcast from Dr. Santos on the distractions (so many distractions) in our lives that keep us from noticing and enjoying the world around us. Here’s the description of this episode.

“The world is full of people and things that can make you happy, but you have to notice them to get the full effect. Smartphones are technological marvels, but the hold they have over our limited attention is causing us to miss out on more than we realize.
Dr Laurie Santos finds that even having a phone nearby can reduce how happy you feel. Laurie chats with Catherine Price, a science journalist, founder of ScreenLifeBalance.com and author of How to Break Up With Your Phone.
For an even deeper dive into the research we talk about in the show visit happinesslab.fm or visit screenlifebalance.com, the website for guest Catherine Price.”

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