3 thoughts on “Jireh | Elevation Worship

  1. Love the theme of the song, but as a Hebrew prof, I’m not sure why the song writers used the verb as a noun name of God? His name is Yahweh (not Jehovah, which is actually not a Biblical name) and Yahweh Yireh ( no “J” in Hebrew) means The Lord provides (as the theme of the song suggests.) You cannot say Yireh (or Jireh) is a name of God as you did in your post, as it is a verb and not a personal noun. Just thought I’d share that for clarity.


    1. While I appreciate you taking the time to comment, Jehovah Jireh is a name I have heard used for God, my entire life. And while I appreciate that you are a Hebrew professor, I am not – though I went to Biola University and have certainly taken more than my fair share of Bible classes. I erased that portion. Does that make you feel better?


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