Falling in and Writing About Love

I had a couple questions about some of the free-verse poetry I’ve written here. Anything I’ve written here that is in poetry form {at least so far} is part of the novel I’m writing, A Thousand Years. In the novel, my protagonist has a star-crossed romance, as a young college student, with the love of her life. Outside forces cause their break-up. Though she eventually marries {and later divorces}, she never truly lets go. In the intervening years, though she tries to reach out to him on various occasions, it’s futile. She eventually gives up trying to talk to him and pens notes and letters on slips of paper, notebooks, and in journals. Those bits & pieces you see here, are a bit of Birdie’s angst coming out – in the only way she has to express her love {and grief} – in written form.

Loving, falling in love, and wanting what’s best for another, or settling into the reality of your situation – when it differs from your own feelings and desires – is complex. “Love is love” became a popular saying in recent years. Love is love. You can’t help when you fall in love with a person. Nor can you make your feelings disappear. For more than 15 years of Birdie’s life, while not always front and center, her love for Gray – remained a constant. She was successful, accomplished, and had a meaningful life. But, under the foundation of her success, happiness, and accomplishments, she lives with the what if and a constant, daily living reminder of their love.

Falling in love doesn’t always follow a linear line. It doesn’t always makes sense and follow some perfect pattern. That’s Birdie & Gray’s story. Falling in and writing about love {which is what I do}, isn’t always going to be tied up in a perfect bow and make perfect sense. And sometimes that means letting go of someone you love – choosing to let go – though it’s tearing you up inside. Where do you go and what do you do with all of that when you make a conscious decision to let go?

Birdie writes it out on slips of paper and presses forward.

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