Apple Cider Margarita

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Here’s something you should know about me – I enjoy good food, great cocktails, and wine. I don’t cook as often as I would like to these days. I hope to get back to that. Until I do, I figured I’d share some of my favorite cocktails.

Apple cider margaritas are a favorite this time of year. Here’s something else you should know about me – I am not a big sweets person. Even with cocktails, I’d go more with a refreshing, dry, or citrus flavored drink over something super sweet. But combining apple cider with bourbon or tequila is a favorite in spite of my not-so-sweet tooth. Another thing? I love orange-flavored anything – especially this time of year. Orange & cranberry, orange & chocolate in desserts, orange, orange, and more orange.

I like the way the orange cuts into some of the sweetness of the cider, versus one that is straight apple cider.

apple cider margarita, elaina m. avalos, elaina avalos, cocktails, pretty cocktails

Don’t worry, I won’t make you scroll through some long story 😉 for ingredients, directions, or substitutions.

1.5-2 oz of gold tequila {or your fav silver – I rarely buy gold anymore}
1 oz of your favorite triple sec. I prefer this one.
1 orange
Your favorite apple cider
Sugar for rimming your glass
Cinnamon sticks
Your fav margarita glass
Cocktail shaker & jigger
Hand-held grater

– Wash your orange & then add some orange zest to the cocktail shaker, with your grater.
– Quarter your orange. Use one quarter to add fresh orange juice to the shaker. Use the spent orange quarter to rim your glass. Set your orange aside.
– Rim your glass with sugar. I don’t use white granulated sugar. I use either demura sugar or pure cane sugar. It looks better with this drink than white & I rarely have white sugar in my house.
– Pour tequila, triple sec, and apple cider into shaker. Add some ice & shake!
– Use a peeler to peel a nice curly q or two from the orange.
– Pour your margarita into your marg glass and add your orange peel slices to the top. Cut a thin slice of orange as a garnish. Enjoy!
– I also added a cinnamon stick as a garnish yesterday – just for the heck of it. I used it to stir my drink. 🙂

Substitutions or Variations:
– Mix ground cinnamon in your sugar to rim the glass.
– Use bitters. I am out of my fav bitters {womp, womp} but used a dash of Angostura.
– Gold tequila is probably more traditional for a drink like this. I just don’t buy it very often. If you aren’t a big tequila drinker and want recommendations, let me know! In general, I highly recommend Camarena. It’s a good moderately priced tequila.
– Add a 1/2 to 1 oz of Fireball whisky {instead of triple sec & orange} for an extra cinnamony punch.

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What’s your favorite go-to cocktail in the fall & winter?


apple cider magarita, elaina m. avalos, elaina avalos, cocktail, pretty cocktail

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