Risking Your Heart

A few years ago, I had my heart broken pretty badly. My foster son was a pretty good distraction because he moved in shortly thereafter. But that heartbreak made me really leery about relationships & made me even question my ability to trust someone again. I didn’t doubt my ability to love – because I’m a lover. That’s who I am. I love deeply and passionately. I can’t help myself.

Three years later, I’m at a place where I can I say want that relationship now. But one thing I can’t and won’t do again is risk my whole heart for someone that doesn’t show up for me. I’ll always show up. I will always be all in. Somehow, until this very day, I’ve been willing to put up with men who won’t meet me halfway – or who aren’t all in – too.

I deserve that. And so do you. I won’t be in a situation again where I accept less than what I give – or a man who toys with my emotions because it makes him feel good, while my heart gets trampled in the process.

Mark Anthony, who wrote the poem above, sums up my feelings really well. I deserve the love I give. And I’m unwilling to accept anything else.

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