World Mental Health Day

It was World Mental Health day, yesterday. But honestly, we should be able to talk about mental health issues every day. I hope that in a year that many of us have felt more isolated than normal, that we all know that it’s okay to not be okay. Far too often there’s a stigma associated with admitting you’re struggling in this area. I hope days like yesterday are good reminders that there’s nothing wrong with admitting you’re struggling & that you need help.

But I also hope that we have somewhere to express those feelings – with people that care about us. I certainly haven’t always felt that was the case. And if you’re feeling alone & like you don’t have someone to be that for you, please message me.

I like the quote above because on my darkest days, finding that sliver of silver lining, gives me hope to keep pressing forward. There’s some comfort in choosing to think about those bright spots and beautiful moments – clinging to the reminders – as our commitment to ourselves, that we won’t let the hard days win.

Be kind to yourself. And in a world that is increasingly polarized & ugly, may we be kind to others too.

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