October & Letting Go

I love a good adventure. I always have. It’s what gives me the push to keep chasing dreams – even if no one sees or understands those dreams. By this point in the year, I guess the situation in the world would make anyone feel defeated. But I’m just picking up steam.

September was a month full of decisions, clarity about my place in the world, and honing in on what I hope to see happen in my life, as 2020 turns to 2021.

October ushers in a crisp, newness – as the leaves change color and trees prepare for the winter. The light changes – it’s golden and comforting. And as it has before, it signals new beginnings too – at least for me. Last year on October 1st, I started what I thought was my dream job as an Event Manager. I was in heaven. I just didn’t see the whole picture then (or even when I decided to move on). Nothing seemed to make sense. I see it more clearly now and look forward to what comes next.

It has been a year, no? If you’re tired and weary – instead of seeing us as inching toward the dull of winter, in a year that has stunk – maybe take the advice nature offers this time of year? We become more ourselves – our colors deepening and our purpose crystallizing – as we let go of what we thought life was supposed to be like. Let’s let go & in doing so, I think we’ll find some beauty around us and in who we are becoming.

“Autumn shows us how beautiful it is to let things go.”

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