Wellness – OneWord 365 Update


Every year I choose one word for my year {versus resolutions}. This year’s word took forever to decide on, but once I did, it became very clear it was the word.

But then we all know what a nose dive 2020 took. Straight into the crapper. Between a global pandemic, working from home and feeling quite isolated from the outside world, I’m not sure wellness took on much more of a form than just being.

As I’ve returned to work, the wellness thing has become a real fight. 

Ten years ago, when I started on a new career path within my Marine Corps career, so much changed for me. My thriving blog, writing, and my normal self-care routines went out the window.

I’m a “give everything I’ve got” kind of person. And I did. But then there wasn’t anything left for me. When I left my Marine Corps career behind last fall, I did so to enter into the career field I’d been dreaming of for so long.

That’s another story for another post. But now here I am. Back to where I started and where I veered way {I mean way} off the path I wanted to be on.

Wellness – as I’ve discovered – is not just about your physical health. That’s always how I viewed it in the past. It’s about the totality of your life. It’s everything.


As I look back at the last six months & look forward to remaining months of 2020, I do hope the year is better for all of us {Can I get an amen?}. But I also know what I won’t allow, what I need to do more of, and want to focus on in the second half of 2020.

This year has been rough for so many. If you’ve felt it, what are you doing for you, right now? What are you doing to soften the harshness of the financial challenges, social isolation, and health threat of a global pandemic? If you’re deeply concerned about racism in America and feel weighed down with uncertainty about how to become an anti-racist – what are you doing in these heavy times to stay focused on wellness, so you can live well enough to fight on another day?

This year has been a slog. If you’re feeling it, you’re normal. We all feel it in our own ways. But let’s not write the rest of year off. We can make individual changes in our own lives – right in front of us – so 2020 ends as a year of hope and change.

Here are a few things I’ve done lately for my own wellness:

  • I’m going to therapy
  • I have painted {and have a few more canvases to go}
  • I joined a book club
  • I am making a vision board & dreaming about the business I’ve dreamed of for so long {except instead of working for someone else, I want to start my own business}
  • I’m not beating myself up for the spare bedroom filled with unpacked boxes {haha}

But I’ve got some work to do, too. Here are some of the areas I’m working on:

  • Eating a mostly paleo-type diet
  • Walking a few times a week
  • Not letting work invade my head space & follow me home
  • Writing
  • Making actionable plans for starting my business

Don’t let 2020 make you its b$%$#. Now is the perfect time to make the rest of the year, better.

Be well,


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