Take it Easy


9d78ef9617360420aee2dd14b8581169With everything going on in the world today, my emotions have been . . . hmm, how to describe it . . . all over the place. I’ve come to accept this. On this Tuesday, that looks nothing like I expected of April 2020, I am taking it easy on myself.

Even though I’m still working, I’m taking it easy. Even though I have responsibilities, as we all do, I’m taking it easy. I hope that in this weird time, you are doing the same as well.

That probably looks a little different to all of us. Maybe it’s easing up on the pressure with the kid’s schoolwork. Maybe it’s not being super organized and keeping up with a super regimented schedule during this time, when so many of us are working from home. Or maybe it is doing just that, because that works for you.

We haven’t been down this road before. There really aren’t wrong and right answers – except to take care of ourselves and our families. So . . . take it easy, friends. This is hard.

And in the hard things, we need to cut ourselves a little slack. Your future you will thank you for doing just that. I promise you.

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