It’s Going to be Okay

kristine-tanne-elaina-avalos-it's going to be okay

I don’t know about you – but I don’t feel super motivated today. Or since things started to get rougher last week. This COVID-19 situation is discouraging, right? It’s having an impact on all of us – though I know some are feeling it more than others.

I started telework today. But being that it’s a new job, it feels weird to not be in the office where face-to-face access is the best case scenario when adjusting to a new workplace. I know many friends are adjusting to being at home with the kids and online schooling. And I know that there are so many losing their jobs or worrying about their businesses. Or maybe you’re like me and live alone – and this isolating time feels even more . . . lonely.

It doesn’t feel okay. But it’s going to be okay. I’m not sure when. But I know it will. We’ll all get through this. Maybe on the other side, we will have learned to slow down a little. Or maybe we’ll value what we have more (like toilet paper any old time we want it). I hope and pray people will heed warnings and stay home – wherever that is. I’m not sure that message has gotten through where I live (NC).

So while I don’t have anything super motivating to say, I did want to send a quick reminder, in case you’re feeling it (as I am) – it’s going to be okay.


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