Attitude is Everything

Charles Swindoll, Elaina Avalos, Motivating Monday

I have spent plenty of Mondays in my life wishing it wasn’t Monday. I walked into my day unwillingly and negativity followed. It may not have been noticed beyond my own nose, but I felt it on the inside.

The negativity bubbled under the surface until I realized that my attitude impacted the course of my day, my home, and what I did or did not accomplish that day. It would be great if I could say I learned this the easy way.

But I didn’t. The good thing about learning the hard way is that maybe you can learn from my mistakes? This doesn’t just have to be about Monday, however. It works for just about everything.

Attitude is everything.

Sitting in traffic isn’t pleasant. But, I used to sit in traffic in the DC area and handled it pretty well. I wasn’t frustrated or angry or fuming the whole time. I listened to my favorite radio shows on NPR and I was pretty chill about the whole thing. There was literally not a single thing to do about the traffic {but find a way to make use of the time I had}.

There is no difference between sitting in the worst traffic in the town I live in now, on payday weekends, and the lost in a story version of myself that was trying to get back home from the District, in horrible traffic. Except my attitude.

So – let’s make a deal that we’ll go into the rest of our week working on our attitude – which is just about the only thing we can control.


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