Coastal Decor Ideas & Inspiration

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I’m moving. Again. In the words of my Grandma, “Ai, yi, yi.” It is what it is. I am already dreaming of settling in to that next home – wherever that is and whenever that is. Making a home gives me joy.

Unpacking boxes of books and placing those precious books on shelves {in a very specific order by the way} and setting out all of the pretty things I’ve spent years collecting, is fun for me.

ebd designs, elaina avalos, coastal decor
Photo by: ebd designs

After Hurricane Florence, we {my foster son & I} lived in a rental that was, to say the least, less than ideal. I couldn’t bring myself to decorate. I did set out some things I loved the most. But most of my decorating stuff sat in boxes. I didn’t hang a single thing on the walls of that house. And I’m still not quite in a permanent home.

I deal with the waiting and dreaming of home by putting together my wish list of the new lovelies I look forward to adding, when I’m settled. Below are a few of the treasures I’ve found while I dream. My coastal decor needs some updating.

A few notes . . .

I currently live near the coast of North Carolina, lived on a brackish river {that often reminded me of the sea} several times the last 18 years, and grew up on the beaches of Orange County, California. I need reminders of the sea around me. In some form, I think the light and airy colors of the ocean will always find their way into my home even if my preferred decor evolves over time.

I aspire to have an awesome gallery wall, like the one above, when I get settled. You can find ebd designs post, bringing spring into your living room, for more of her lovely coastal home. I have a great start already. But I will be adding a basket or two as well as a shadow box with shells. P.S. I have a very serious problem picking up shells and rocks when I’m at the beach. I have more than I can count.

I’m aiming to add couple of frames like this, too:

Photo by: Pottery Barn

You can find some beautiful Pottery Barn coastal decor, here.

Here are a few other coastal decor ideas & inspiration for my decor refresh, after I move . . .

For my entry way – 

For my living room – 

For my kitchen –

I love dreaming about my home & can’t wait to get settled.

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