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Wellness requires active choices to create a healthy and well-balanced life. Our wellness can be seen as a wheel {I like the 8 component model}, with each section of it, a required part of optimum wellness.

Life isn’t exactly linear. Reality sets in. Pain makes a visit. We lose jobs. Relationships end. Careers, children, and marriages consume our attention. We invest time in important things. And forget ourselves. There’s joy. Then grief. There’s pure, unadulterated happiness & then there’s the sting of loneliness.

If you’re anything like me, you may find yourself along the winding path somewhere realizing that the important things you needed, wanted, or even were destined to pursue – took a position in your life that maybe they should not have. Maybe you put too much into that career – that while important, shouldn’t consume so much of your life {me}.

Throw in the tough stuff and you may find yourself walking through your days not seeing how your passive choices are throwing your life drastically out of balance. At least that’s what happened in my case.


My word for 2020 is wellness. It took me several months to figure out what the theme for 2020 would be. It’s surprising that it took so long when I’ve been slowly gathering pieces to the puzzle that would propel me toward the overall wellness I’ve been hoping for.


I’ve been working through bits & pieces of the 8 components for a while now. But somehow didn’t quite put together that it takes a little more than passive, willy nilly work, on one or another from time to time {duh}.

It requires active choices to achieve that right balance. Each component should find its way into our lives. How does one do that though – when the hard stuff, the good stuff, and the required stuff is constantly knocking at the door, inevitably knocking us off balance?

I’m not sure. That’s partly what this new emphasis on my blog is all about. One thing I can tell you is that the consequence of not working toward the optimum level of wellness can derail your life, health, and future.

This website is in the process of becoming a mix of things that bring me joy and bits and pieces of my wellness journey.

While the Wellness & Lifestyle sections of my website will be under construction in the coming months, the general themes will focus around the eight components of the wellness wheel above.

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