A Writer Who Doesn’t Write

the story has to come out

I haven’t been writing. Not even a little bit. I did here or there once I became a foster mom. But honestly, it just wasn’t happening. The fiction has gathered dust.

I’m working on changing that. I have a non-fiction book forming in my mind, but I have several novels in progress that need to be finished, first. It’s time.

While I work through this process of making writing a routine again, I plan on sharing some snippets of fiction here. I will start that momentarily. I would love your feedback.

If you’re a fellow writer, what are your favorite ways to beat writer’s block or to reinvigorate your passion when you find yourself struggling?

One of my goals during this period of unemployment (a story for another day) is to re-read some of my favorite books on writing and reading. The three books I’m primarily thinking of are On Writing, My Reading Life, and If You Want to Write. What are your favorite books about writing?

I would love your feedback as I share here!


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