This is Foster Care

This is Foster Care – Getting Ready

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A new year is at the door, knocking. It’s just a few hours away. I’m so looking forward to all that 2018 will bring. I’ve already written about my word for this coming year {fearless}. It will be needed as I dive into life as a {single} foster mom.

My hope is that I’ll work to find enough balance that I can still write and post here. But I would anticipate the focus of the blog will change as I settle into this new lifestyle. I’m good with that.

I imagine that the things on my list and desires for the house here are fairly similar to the nesting that goes on for other women as they anticipate the birth of their babies. I’ve done mounds of kid laundry {blankets, sheets, clothing, etc.}. This is foster care {at least when it comes to getting ready}. There are so many unknowns that doing what I can to feel organized and prepared now, feels like a good idea. 🙂

My goals for the remaining few days I have before going back to work on the 3rd:

– Re-organizing the linen closet upstairs so it’s actually a linen closet {what a concept!}.

Why? There’s a whole lot of junk in there now. The closet will be used for linens that my foster kiddos can pick out on their first night with me – to personalize their room a little more. And…that’s where the “lovies” {blankets & stuffed animals} will be. They can also pick out a lovie that first night, too.

– Organizing the downstairs closet.

Why? That’s my double-locking storage {it has a key entry & then there will be individual medicine lock boxes for each person in the house} for medications, vitamins, OTC medications, etc. It’s kind of a mess in there now after I took out  a three-tier shelf unit to use outside.

– Not necessarily foster care related but for my sanity – I need to re-organize my kitchen cabinets. They’re catywampus.

My to-do list which seemed endless when I started this journey is shrinking. I still have quite a bit to buy {like a crib} but I’m getting there. I am excited and nervous!

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