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What’s Happening?

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This was me organizing the “kid’s” room, last weekend! 

I’ve written in recent months about the challenges that have come my way this year. Like an author and speaker I know, there is power in “going first” and sharing honestly & openly so other people feel safe to admit to their struggles, reach out when they’re in need, etc. I feel called to do that, so I will continue to do so.

But there is a great thing happening in my life and while I’ve talked about it in bits and pieces, it has taken a back seat on the ol’ blog here. So . . . what’s happening?

Good news! I have two {TWO} classes left at Bair for my foster care training! Tonight we have a potluck and next week we graduate! EEEKKK!

I have some things for my file that are not yet completed. But I’m getting there. I should be licensed in January – maybe late December.

Throughout this process, I have only been more and more convinced that I am made to be a mom. But not only am I meant to be a mom, I’m made to be a foster mama, specifically.

I start to say that I’m excited because I am. And yet, foster care is necessary because of the brokenness of this world. Babies and children removed from their home are done so because of abuse, neglect, or a parent’s inability to care for them due to illness, addiction, etc.

To say you’re “excited” to meet your precious foster children seems wrong, does it not {when these are the circumstances that bring them to your door}?

What I can say for sure is that I’m excited to be on this path that I’ve known was meant for me, for so many years. I may have my foster kiddos for days, months, years, or forever. But whether it’s for a season or forever, I am excited to be a mom and to give “my” kiddos a safe, loving, supportive family and home.

When I do receive my first placements, I won’t be able to share any photos {at all} or any names. But I’ll share my adventures here, with personal details removed, as I journey through this non-traditional path to motherhood.

I’m so excited to know that in 2018, I’ll be doing what I’ve been meant to do my whole life. I hope you’ll follow along on my journey.

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