Sunday Nights


Sunday is always the hardest. Filled with regret and longing and sadness.

Sunday is the ever so weekly reminder that this isn’t what I planned.

If you were here, this is what I would say to you. On a Sunday night. Or a Monday night. Or any other.

I love you, you Beautiful Man.

You are crazy. So crazy. But you’re my kind of crazy.

Promise me you’ll always look at me like you do right now.

You are the sweetest, soulful jerk I know.

Play me a song.

Hold me close & don’t let go. Not ever.

Now that you’re here, I have no plans to say goodbye. So settle in with me, now.

When Monday comes, we will go our separate ways when work calls us away. I will go about my day waiting for the next moment with you.

I love your heart.

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