1,000 Gifts

Wondering what this 1,000 Gifts is all about? You can go here: http://www.aholyexperience.com/one-thousand-gifts-book/ to see a little more. Or you can read my original posts that contain the first 60 of the gifts, herehere, here, here and here

1,000 Gifts

1. Flowers by my sink.

2. Strawberry shortcake made with Bisquick.
3. The first sip of chilled chardonnay.

4. Being able to afford a printer, ink and paper. I love the sound the printer makes as the words are traced in black against the white.

5. The snoring puppy at my feet.
6. Weathered doors

7. White Christmas lights
8. Fireworks
9. The sound of coffee dripping into a pot in the morning.
10. The smell of old books. 

11. Fresh flowers throughout the house.

12. The Eastern NC sun as it filters through the trees.

13. The smell of the desert on a cool morning.

14. A good book.

15. Light through my kitchen nook window, shining on my table.

16. A strong cup of coffee.

17. Grace.

18. Quail running through the yard.

19. Abby’s cold nose.

20. The bright green of spring (I’m remembering…as there isn’t much green in the desert).

21. The Neuse and its jagged shoreline.

22. Bright pink flowers on a prickly cactus.

23. A breeze through open windows, on a quiet afternoon.

24. Avocado’s

25. The pine tree in my back yard – it’s green such a contrast in all this brown.

26. Tiny, baby pine cones that fell from my tree in the spring.

27. The days when work is what it’s supposed to be.

28. The opportunities my Marine Corps life has given to me.

29. Rainstorms in the desert.

30. My dog falling asleep at my feet.

31. The people who take care of me.

32. Memories of salt and pine in the air.

33. God’s unending patience.

34. Lemons, fresh from my Grandma’s tree – and the scent they leave on my hands.

35. The little green plants on my counter. Giving me a little bit of green in a world so brown. 

36. Green army men that remind me to be a prayer warrior – and of the group 

of women who gave it to me. It’s a reminder of the grace extended to me in 

those Thursday morning’s studying His word and learning to be real again. 

37. Golden sun on country roads 

38. A cold glass of Coke.

39. Chilly, winter weather

40. Cooking for family

41. My Mom’s faith in me.

42. Second chances

43. Handwritten letters

44. The gift of creativity

45. The ability to be compassionate towards others

46. A sense of humor

47. Sun shining through dark clouds

48. My soft bed

49. Cheese & Crackers

50. The handmade books my Mom has made me

51. My Reading List by Pat Conroy

52. Plan B by Pete Wilson

53. Seeing God’s work of grace in my life

54. Making a life and home of my own

55. Memories of the sea.

56. The color blue.

57. Blue Ball Mason Jars.

58. Creating beauty & sanctuary in my home.

59. Reminders of the sea I love so much, all around me.

60. A friend’s artwork on my wall.

61. Spotify
62. Otis Redding singing
63. Abby barking in her sleep
64. Pink Tulips on my desk (given to me by a VMU-1 spouse)
65. Microsoft Office Professional on my laptop
66. American Idol
67. Football season
68. The ability to buy a new coffee table (which my mom promptly broke but I could buy one…lol)
69. Days of rest
70. Health insurance
71. Answered & unanswered prayer
72. Having enough money to share
73. Freedom to make mistakes
74. Music – music that touches my heart
75. Feeling needed
76. Abby growing up (she’s losing her puppy!)
77. My mom coming to the desert to help me with some stuff…
78. Flowers & balloons on my birthday (From a VMU-1 kiddo)
79. Birthday cards
80. Birthday money
81. Knowing I have impacted people
82. The very prospect of being back in NC
83. Being taken to lunch
84. Being told by two people that this year, is my year (it’s almost up on 26 April…lol)
85. For the privilege that is my job
86. For families reunited (VMU-1 homecoming 2012)
87. Grace that overflows when a cold shoulder is deserved
88. The dream and hope of falling in love and having a family
89. For His Word which quenches, humbles and convicts
90. For old music that reminds me of my dreams
91. Forgiveness
92. New phones
93. For days off
94. Fernando Ortega singing
95. Fresh basil
96. The scent of jasmine filling the house
97. Cards and letters from VMU-1 families
98. For the peace of having to be nowhere
99. Freedom from my work phone
100. Reading two books in a couple of days
101. Pandora
102. Sedona, Arizona
103. Scandalous grace that lets me see places like Sedona, Arizona!
104. Ferry route signs
105. Rain
106. Clouds
107. Toads that sound like lambs 🙂
108. My river
109. The Neusiok Trail
110. God’s provision
111. Corporate worship
112. Being in church
113. Grace reminders
114. God’s forgiveness
115. Wireless internet
116. Interviews that go well
117. The joy I can acknowledge that I get from work
118. God’s sweet gifts that tell me He delights in me
119. A house of my own again
120. My job
121. Feeling appreciated by my boss
122. Seagulls in my yard
123. Ocean breezes
124. Living in Beaufort!
125. Roses and Hosta and Camellias in my yard

126. A boss that is open with praise
127. For Saturday naps
128. For football on a Sunday afternoon
129. For a cool ocean breeze through my house
130. For the salt and sea air
131. For remembering God’s sweet presence
132. For God’s constant pursuit of me – no matter how far I’ve sunk
133. For weather
134. Witnessing the power of God in creation
135. For Abby’s silly antics
136. For the reminder that she gives me to be still in God’s presence
137. My home – even though I’m looking for another
138. Paying bills
139. Leave {vacation}
140. God’s patience
141. The sunset
142. Hope in the future
143. Dreams
144. God’s comfort
145. The ocean/salt air
146. Lunch on the porch
147. Blooming daffodils
148. Cooking!
149. A nice glass of wine while cooking & enjoy my homemade meal. 🙂
150. Baking
151. Rain and rain and rain
152. Humidity (remind me I said this when we get to August)
153. New friends
154. New experiences…wine class on 17 April 2013
155. New opportunities
156. Experiencing the tip of the iceberg in being loved – the hope of what could be
157. My beautiful adopted home state
158. Jasmine blooming in the neighborhood – love this scent following me as I walk in the evening.

159. Clover in bloom everywhere
160. Crap pots bobbing in the Neuse
161. Jumping mullet
162. People checking their crab pots
163. The constantly changing Neuse.
164. Concerts at Tryon Palace, under the stars.
165. The incredible beauty of the ocean.
166. The sound of the waves crashing.
167. The jade green of the sea.
168. The library
169. Good books
170. Amazing food
171. Great wine
172. Cruise on the Neuse & Trent
173. Fresh basil on my counter
174. Beautiful memories
175. Gorgeous days
176. Being made to feel beautiful
177. Having lived in an amazing place like DC (remembering)
178. My little home
179. Living in downtown New Bern
180. Changing weather
181. Good books
182. The changing light as autumn approaches
183. My tiny back deck
184. A cool breeze
185. New friends
186. The light at dusk
187. Turning leaves
188. Hugs
189. Sweet, refreshing words
190. Offers for walks with friends & lunch by the water
191. A new church
192. Church reaching out 
193. People who reach out to comfort when things are stressful
194. Autumn decorations
195. Being cold after a hot summer
196. Pulling out blankets & afghans
197. Pumpkin roll Scentsy
198. The sun shining on the river after a dreary day
199. French roast coffee
200. Michael Giacchino music
201. Bible verses that bring a sliver of hope back. 
202. Watching snow fall.
203. Catching tiny, intricate snow flakes as I walk the dog.
204. Being creative & crafty
205. Bible verses that bring a sliver of hope back
206. Fresh, hot bread out of the oven
207. Baking
208. Crab pots reappearing on the river
209. Warm sun after a cold winter
210. New pens
211. A job that inspires me
212. Videos shared at just the right moment
213. Getting to return home to Cherry Branch
214. The gift of living on “my” river
215. The gift of being rent/utility free
216. My French Press
217. A glass of wine (could only have one glass a week for a bit)
218. Cherry trees in blossom
219. Seagulls
220. The sweet scent of warm pine
221. Being able to cook after three weeks of feeling horrid
222. Beautiful stories
223. Finding sea shells
224. Ocean sounds
225. Local strawberries
226. Hope and dreams of answered prayers
227. Anticipation – Dog being trained & moving
228. Living on my river again
229. Brunch on the deck
230. Cherry Branch
231. Hummingbirds buzzing around me
232. The stillness of the river
233. The peace, quiet, and rest
234. Hope when there should be none. 
235. A book, a glass of wine, favorite music, the deck and my dog
236. When Abby listens
237. My trained dog
238. The cool breeze
239. A break from humidity
240. The sounds of home – the trees, the ferry, the waves in the wind, the seagulls
241. The amazing weather on a late summer day
242. Sunday morning with coffee and a view
243. School & school books
244. The hope of accomplishing goals
245. The way the clouds move in off the water
246. The hope of autumn
247. My lovely home
248. The hope of a New Year
249. Visiting places that mean a lot to me
250. Lunch at Moreno’s
251. A new pillow
252. A clean kitchen
253. A new day without mistakes
254. Starting fresh
255. Rest
256. Forgiveness
257. Freedom
258. Knowing God wants me to dream
259. I shall not be in want (Ps 23)
260. Verses that encourage
261. Encouragement to keep the adoption dream alive.

262. Making a real breakfast on a regular old Monday.

263. The view from the kitchen sink at Secretariat.

264. The ocean and the reminder that His love for me is as vast as the ocean – and that He accepts me just as I am.

265. Prayer. Honest prayer.

266. The freedom to dream again.

267. The dream in my heart to be a wife/mom, and writer – and for our life and family to be part of our ministry of love and grace.